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We've played with Lego

We've kicked it with Adidas

We stirred it up with Arla.

We bricked it with architects.

We've played with Lego

We've kicked it with Adidas

We stirred it up with Arla

We bricked it with architects

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Still visuals can set a tone and give a great impression of how a project will turn out. Brand new schemes may need full CGIs or if you have an existing location needing re-development a photomontage would be perfect. We can also create new product visuals which often form part of an advertising campaign.


Cg Animation

Exploring ideas is a great way to be immersed in a project or development. An architectural film can show key parts of a scheme which you might not see in a still image. A film can bring life and emotion to your project and offer real engagement with the viewer.


Virtual Reality

With the aid of a VR headset and a little imagination, we can transport you into your own virtual world which is often the best way to experience a design first-hand and facilitate the design process.


Video Production

Video production combines all services to create a complete solution to complement your marketing scheme. By bringing together stills, film, and lifestyle alongside informative graphics you can uplift your product or scheme to the highest level.

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